11 Key Features that any New Future Smartphone/Mobile Must Have

11 Key Features that any New Future Smartphone/Mobile Must Have
Smartphones are perpetually being innovated upon, with advanced in operating
Smartphone Featuressystem, previously-never-witness hardware features, bigger screens and superior performance. Most mobile phones have features you’ll hardly use. So, when you conceptualize to upgrade your handset, how do you choose? Although approaching to friends and consulting forums is an elegant move, there are many basic and upgraded features you must hunt for, so as to future proof your smartphone. Generally, people use their phone for few years, so always purchase something that gives you somewhat additional in terms of functionality than what you want at present. Say for example, newer applications use more of the phone’s processing power, purchasing a robust phone will allow you to run multiple heavy apps to run without slowing down the phone and prevent from freezing and hanging too often.
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11 Key Features that your smartphone must have are :-

1. A Powerful Processor

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to understand that a powerful processor is the difference amongst having a speedy and a slow phone. When a phone is brand new, it will run fast and imposingly so, no matter which model it is. However over time, as you load it with games, apps, videos, songs and then on, there will be a massive burden on the processor and also on the RAM and thus slows down your phone. Search online about each processor and choose the best one which suits your requirements. At present, phones are built with dual-or-quad core processors, this will become norm in forthcoming years.

2. Best Phone Screen

Scratch and Marks Resistant

If you choose to purchase a touchscreen smartphone, it’s screen has to be made of corning Gorilla glass. If you’re a kinda someone who is always cautious of getting scratches and marks on the smartphone screen and constantly wiping them. Gorilla glass screen is a godsend, as it is immune to scratches and drops (Within Limits). So you can rest yourself and phone easily knowing that it’s not a fragile model.

3. 4G Faculty

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is surely the next generation of wireless technology and there will be a time when 4G will become ordinary in phones. Today, almost every off-the-counter mobile phone have 3G. LTE additionally has higher cellular coverage, less latency and transfers data with speed of around 300mbps (theoretically) which implies less dropped calls.


Significance of NFC's

NFC (Near Field Communication) is the latest electronic payment technology that turns your smartphone into a virtual wallet. Although iPhone OS have unnoticed so far but android devices do support this feature. As NFC gets more popular, In future folks will use this NFC technology to exchange data with compatible devices as it transfers data faster than Bluetooth.

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5. Memory Space

Most smartphones offer utmost 16GB of internal storage space out of which only 12GB is practically available while few smartphones come without external memory expansion slot. What if you want to store lot of stuff in your smartphone but have no space, it is imperative to have a external memory slot or USB 3.0 on-the-go facility in smartphone you purchase.

6. Long Battery Life

Nowadays smartphones come with bigger and brighter screen, high tech processors, inbuilt latest apps, to enjoy them seamlessly your phone need to have a good long lasting battery. It should run at-least 17-18hrs on full gaming, video-audio-camera playing, video-audio calling. And at the same time it should also have battery back up for emergency like in iPhone’s.

7. HD Camera

If you’re spending so much in buying a smartphone, its better to find phone with HD camera rather than carrying separate HD camera. Smartphone should have pleasant camera with at-least 8MP and LED-flash to envision it’s quality in low lights and dark. Secondary camera of decent quality is vital for video calling.

8. Stylish Body Design

It’s an imperative feature of any smartphone as phones have become one’s standing image. Altogether along with superior performance it is ought to purchase a fashionable and stylish phone like smartphone should have metallic finish, glossy body, light-weight and so. Conjointly opt for the colour which is convenient with your personality.

9. HDMI Port Connectivity

Along with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, it is essential to have High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port which permits you to connect your smartphone to TV, projector and so via HDMI cable. You can enjoy HD photos, slideshows, videos captured by phone or anything else happening on phone on giant screen. It’s a new and vital feature in smartphone that you must enjoy.

10. Inbuilt Projector

Inbuilt Projector

These is the latest trending feature in smartphones that permits you to watch movies, pictures, documents, anything happening on phone at any time, any place without plugging extra cables. All you need to have is a flat surface on which you can project like Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone which can project videos, photos on utmost 2-meters away screen/surface which can display max 50inches (diagonally) image. You have got flexibility to alter the settings like lights, projected size or it will automatically adjust the display size depending on the distance between phone and flat surface (Projected Screen).

11. Voice, Gesture and Facial Recognizing technology

Currently Voice recognizing technology is been used in iPhone’s and android devices which converts your speech (Voice) into text automatically and as per your need it feeds into as Email, as text message, searches web, searches entire phone for that text, it works even in noisy environment. In case its too noisy and it isn’t recognizing your voice, you can use your fingers to write. Gesture recognizing technology follows your every hand move, it is useful when your hands are dirty or you’re bit far from phone like to receive calls, pause-play video, audio, alter volume, zoom in-zoom out and much more. Facial recognizing technology is new one which uses your face gestures as password to lock-unlock phone, Emails, files, phone goes to sleep automatically as you sleep like in Samsung Galaxy S3.
With above features in your smartphone, you don’t need anything else. Your smartphone itself will become 8th wonder of the world. If you have any suggestions to provide please feel free.     

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