Christmas Script for blogger free download

Christmas Script for blogger free download
Christmas Script for blogger free download and its another upcoming opportunity to grab some impressive, click and reward.

                  Christmas image

To earn rewards require came up different ideas that going only ways working in this Christmas festival session and little competition may be grown up but still those who are for make something will look what works for them or not.

What You should keep in mind !

1. When a new thing introduct among people they resist so, be patient.

2. Christmas is festival which celebrated internationally meanwhile start promotion other nations.

3. It’s huge festival can dive traffic in millions using proper strategy.

4. In every country has some social media popular might you not heard before like in U.S.A  and Canada where is reddit popular social media.

5.  To post link of your in groups required as rules of their communities so, it’s advice join them fullfill rule before Christmas.

What’s New in This Script

This Christmas script is made by sjtalks2 and tried to get some CSS effect, all effect with image are rarely seen on internet.

It’s from tip of script to bottom attractive once anyone click and have looked can’t he stop sharing and this will decrease your efforts and made it to viral, revenue is unbeatable by you made in past however require to some effort nothing happens just like that.

Best Monetization Available Strategy

It’s my personal recommendation but require some effort and time with No experience in front end programming language, only require to follow steps and its third monetization method but let’s start with our first one method.

1. Amazon affiliate links :- it’s easy to get affiliate account but hard make sell then withdraw money before fulfilling minimum requirements if you don’t have Amazon affiliate account then click here then see you can make one for yourself.

But it’s happen because without thinking we use affiliate link either expensive or cheap goods and most probably in electronics cetagory after introduction of online shopping its became savvy category because everyone knows prices or they plan weeks or month before purchasing it.

What you need to do right, to make sells its neither rocket science nor impossible work out our strategy as we have plenty of time, now you know what wrong  and how you can fix it need figure out yourself by testing or doing research or asking in forum’s.

 2. Propeller ads : earlier when you can use non-hosted adsense account ads to any where get impressive and click but after change in policy especially this category is suffuring for monetize thier traffic and able find some alternative but they don’t work or you say they don’t pay any peanuts .

Likewise I tested too many ads network in this link first one is revenue hits it’s scam which never show impressive or click as their policy says that will update in seven days but as usual never happen or show your earnings and next ad networks has big name in this industry infolinks even they are same, and some other too then I heard about propeller ads and mine friends also using and suggested.

3. Link Shortner :- it’s  easy guess that some of already know that what is but first let me explain how they work then how we can use them to get click on them.

You as publisher put your url then they render and set redirection on it gave thier url right ! If a person now click on them will land to their website show ads that time a impressive is recorded even who clicked on link go back your one is recorded and counted as views.

To use as link in form of attractive ads with huge discount there plenty of chances most of person going to click, for that it’s your job look for but how can made this is simply.

<a href=”your shorten link”>
<img src=” your image url” alt=”My ads” width=”250″ height=”300″>

This little code is simple just paste your shorten and image url in place “your shorten link” or “your image url” and rest is defined for best view of size do, don’t change anything and you need to paste code where want see clickable image.

          Christmas Script for blogger 


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