Find Torrent File is Genuine or Fake Without Downloading

Find Torrent File is Genuine or Fake Without Downloading
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Folks who are new to torrents habitually download torrent file merely by reading it’s file name and don’t bother to determine whether torrent file which they are going download is adequately genuine or fake, and end up downloading fake one frequently. Many swindlers and dishonest P2P individuals use fake torrents to damage their computers with viruses, Trojan, phish peoples identification, cheat them for money. Recognizing fake torrent is effortless you don’t even need to download and waste time. Numerous websites like kickass, extratorrent, thepiratebay and akin rivals have build up their own community to examine and perceive fake torrents. Before downloading any torrent file make sure these below mentioned suggestions are taken into account :-

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Size of Files

When you Google for torrent, say any explicit movie or game torrent, check the size of packed files. Encounter 3-4 similar torrents and relate them, if it’s a genuine torrent size of files will be nearly same. If you discover huge difference in size of files, hunt for alternative torrent.

Date of Files

Survey the official release date of file which you are craving for. If file has not released formally, how can you find its torrent file? Although you bump into such torrent, merely ignore because its a forged one and wait for authorized release.

Number of seeds and leechers

If torrent file has great number of seeds which indicates many folks have that file and are hosting it and large number of leechers communicates large number of folks are downloading that file. In short, if torrent file is bogus, you’ll find zero or one seeds/leechers. A genuine file will have enormous hosting and downloading folks, more number of seeds/leechers indicates file is real and not fake.

Glance at Comment & Feedback Section

Every torrent file have some reviews undoubtedly, perhaps good or bad. If torrent file is genuine, large number of individuals would be downloading and few of amongst them would definitely share their feedback. Through this section, one can effortlessly judge whether file would be fake or real. If torrent is fake, you’ll find negative or no appraisals. If you come upon any torrent file, whether fake or real, do drop comments because it helps others like you to evaluate such torrent file.

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Torrent Uploaded From Trustworthy Uploader

Whenever any candid uploader uploads torrent files, he/she would always mention identity at the end of file name for folks to recognize, acknowledge and download their file whenever they come across, without any fear. For instance if I desire to download movie torrent, I will search torrent file uploaded by uploader whose identity I know because I know he/she by no means upload fake torrents.

Password Protected File

Generally files downloaded over torrent are hardly password protected. If you bump into torrents which contains “Password File”, never download. Possibly, to reveal password it would ask to complete task/survey or download some toolbar/extra file or share your personal information or may contain virus which can harm your computer system. Torrent files are always password-free.

Download Verified Virus Free Torrents


Websites like Kickass, Isohunt, Torlock and similar torrent sites provide virus free torrents. If torrent is verified and virus free, you’ll find “Verified Torrent” mentioned somewhere near torrent file, and if you don’t it reveals torrent is not yet verified, look for other torrent.

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Using above mentioned suggestions, one can easily spot fake torrent without downloading it. Have any suggestions/feedback please feel free to share.

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