Hosted vs Non-hosted AdSense Account : Difference and How to check

Hosted vs Non-hosted AdSense Account : Difference and How to check
In the beginner who land in the world of blogging may confuse certain point of time with some of mis-understandings regarding hosted and non-hosted these two type AdSense account.

Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Adsense Account

 Ads network world around the internet seperated different ads network may be treated as best choice every new person.

A Google AdSense account whether is hosted or Non-hosted that small thing will decided revenue share among publisher and Google.

Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Adsense Account

Here from this post will likely describes about deference and advantages and disadvantages and How a individual can check if his account is hosted or non-hosted.

just a little difference between them and its easy to check account in few clicks here and there.

Hosted Adsense Account

The term “hosted” literally means in simple words Storing of data ( videos, images and text content) on the server or the other computer so, which can be reached easily with internet connection.

Now, in our case hosted account where we using the others platforms to store data in any kind and monitezing from their ad network.

likewise, if we using YouTube for sharing video content and its free, there is zero charges for uploading videos like Vimeo.

where both audience and content creator has to pay for using thier website .

but How much we pay to YouTube for having a YouTube channel and how generate revenue from, exactly now you got my point.

When our youtube channel is eligible for monitization and start earning from it  then that time Google took sum amount of share.

Revenue Share

hosted AdSense account revenue share is 55 % for publisher and 45 % for Google.

here 55 % revenue will get hosted account owner or publsher or you and 45 % of revenue share Google keep it self .

Features of hosted AdSense account

1. free from hosting fees and forget date of renewable

2. May be fast adsense approval.

3. only adsense approval for hosted on Google platforms.

4. it can be used for YouTube channel approval same AdSense account.

5. Quite easy for YouTube and bloggers.

Non-hosted AdSense account

This kind of AdSense account is totally different from the hosted AdSense account. A person who is using their own resources ( like hosting services may be by self or on rental ) for serving thier context whether based textual and video content where Google AdSense give more margin of revenue share then the hosted AdSense account.

it is fully approved where a person can took another website approval on same adsense account and tooking approval on non-hosted account generally don’t bound with any kind of particular ad network, unlikely in hosted AdSense account.

non-hosted AdSense account can got approval directly from registering and submit application for AdSense and doesn’t require to wait for particular period or eligibility.

Revenue Share

Non-hosted AdSense account is 68 % for publisher and 32 % for Google.

where 68 % revenue distributed to non-hosted AdSense account which mean you will get this share.

Feature of Non-hosted AdSense account

1. More revenue share than hosted AdSense account.

2. it can be used for any website whether hosted or non-hosted.

3. Parallel use other ads network .

4. AdSense account can be used for YouTube and blogger.

5. Need to pay monthly or yearly rental fees.

How to check ?

its not difficult as we thought, for that first to need to go your Google AdSense more likely now login to account and on the top right hand corner and click on your name logo or your image if Settled in past .

Hosted Vs Non-Hosted Adsense Account

where you see Gmail address and just little below in light red colour written hosted account .

In any confusion you see there is nothing like that then congratulations you have a non-hosted account.

which mean you can put any ad network ads and earn fair amount if good popular website.

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