How to Clean Your Computer Laptop Keyboard

How to Clean Your Computer Laptop Keyboard
You use computer almost daily, right? Have you ever looked closely at computer or laptop keys? Do they look dirty? Dust, dirt or some unidentified stuff coat the keys and build up underneath if not cleaned after certain intervals. Sometimes if not cleaned for long time, the mixture of spilled drinks and crumbs can stop functioning of keys. Cleaning of computer keys is effortless and recommended to practice regularly. Try beneath mention tips to get rid of sticky, murky keys and shine them:

Important Note:

Afore beginning the cleansing process, turn off and unplug computer or laptop from power supply. Detach system from connected cables.

Tap Out Dirt

After turning off, merely turn the keyboard over and shake couple of times, enormous amount of dust might have accumulated underneath the keys if keyboard was not cleaned for prolonged time. As you shake out any loose debris, ensure something is placed under like large piece of old newspaper to lessen effort of gathering detritus later.

A Small Soft-Bristled Dusting Brush

When gizmos, keyboards or consoles are not cleansed on regular basis or for extensive period formerly dust starts accumulating over and beneath the buttons making typing unpleasent. Utilize small soft-bristled dusting brush for daily maintenance. Habitually using brush will aid in getting rid of grimes stuck between keys.   

Disinfectant Sprays

Using computer keyboard utmost severely can breed a whole different kind of filth on keys. Make use of disinfectant sprays but be wary as most of them are strong enough which you might not like. Avoid harsh cleaning solutions, bash on electronics-friendly sprays.

Pop off the Keys

It is always desirable and essential to clean anything utterly from underneath, while cleaning the keyboard pop off the keys and clean all over. Use small screwdriver and cautiously pry up keys. Don’t eradicate outsized keys like spacebar, enter, backspace and shift because putting them back might be problematic. Not suggested for laptop keyboard.

Soft Wet Toothbrush

Eliminate grime and remains from vents with the assistance of soft-bristled wet toothbrush. If high speed or compressed air or akin hair drier is not accessible at that very moment, this method comes handy which is effective and safe too.

Use Cotton Swabs

After popping off keys, rinse them in warm water or rub cotton swabs. You can wipe cotton swabs even when buttons are attached or if you’re finding tough to uproot. After cleaning-drying them, merely place each key on precise point and press till snap is heard.

Use Pencil Rubber

If you find grimy spots on buttons even after cleansing them rub pencil eraser on it. You might say it won’t work but at last you’ll be surprised as how this small pencil rubber peels off grubby patch. Be cautious, as small eraser can fall between keys and get stuck inside. After placing all the keys back to their positions, check whether all are functioning accurately.

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