How to Find Friends On Facebook [Ultimate Guide]

How to Find  Friends On Facebook [Ultimate Guide]
Its happens sometime when we are unable to connect our friends that is know not anymore after reading this how to find friends on Facebook.

we going to provide best and easiest ways to find your friends on Facebook.

First method by his/her details like name, phone number etc ., and Second method where try to find by his/her residence address and Third which is last one by his/her common friends list who has friends with you.

Since all method using facebook search bar then its totally depends on Facebook profile privacy and finding friends above method will filter results and make them narrow but still have some level of difficulty.

Find Friends By Name and His Details 

Step 1. As obvious first login to your Facebook account, most probably  already logged in so move on to search bar by clicking on which is available on the middle top of the upper bar in destop but in mobile click search sign.

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 2.  Its more likely chances are here that you have already searched by his name and scrolled upto 5th result page or more.

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But here we try something different new, So after typing his full name adjacent his school name or college name probably far better to found him.

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

But some scenario your school or college  have other branches would increase our difficulty but nevertheless.

Step 3.  Now this Time we try find by his some more personal details but not too deep. remove or cancel our previous search if you can’t see him in first page.

Search by his phone number if available  with us and somehow its not available then again try another method.

Step 4.  Its kinda we tryed almost lum-sum things but need go far away to find him. With another attempt we look towards his email address which is common thing have every one for different kind of purposes.

As previously we tryed by his phone number going to do same.

Step 5. At this after digging his too many details its good probability that we found him.

Have a looked his profile by clicking his name do full size of his images Do make sure if he uploaded to his profile photo then go to about section check his details and his friends list afterwards finally sent him friend request him.

How to Find Friends on Facebook by Location

if you’re reading in your mobile device then there is no need switch to laptop.
This method either can be done on mobile and desktop device.

To perform this method we must have to known something which really necessary to find him that are specific location where his residence state and city then only we are able do that.

As same residences address have our finding friends if somehow we searched by old address where a friend used to stay but he shifted then more likely he changed in his profile too.

Step 1. Login to your Facebook account but this time not in Facebook App instead  Browser, here  any browser will work great who’s having feature of destop mode.

since we are using desktop mode it can make little uncomfortable for who new.

Step 2.  when you logged in facebook after click on three dotes in your browser or option menu then tick on destop mode.

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 3. Now it will reload in destop mode then zoom to search bar and as usual type full name .

Step 4. In left side where filtered result before that make sure it under All section then under filtered result look down 2nd last tagged location where need to select “+ choose a location” .

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 5. now search by locations name as first type city name then state then country if live another. for example meerut, uttar pradesh, india.

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 6. it seem very less result or only one as in example images then look for your friend then sen friend request to him and as your preference can send text message about your request to get accepted fast.

Finding Friends by Common friends list

From above to Two method which make sures that you find right person whom willing but in some case friends of yours piracy blocked to searched by others  which can be done locking Email address, Phone number and his about section .

That absolutely make him unfindable, to contact him we try our common friends who may be friend of finding friends by his friend list if its not private under settings who can seen .

Step 1. First figure out who is common friend with your friends if not sure then which done by asking him.

Step 2. Now i am considering that you know your comman friend then go to your friends list.

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 3. Search common friend name in search bar if having hundreds of friends then click his name and go to profile .

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 4. click on his friend list check out by scrolling down or again by searching in his friend list search bar if everything goes well most probably we found him.

How to Find  Friends On Facebook

Step 5. What are you waiting for ? send him friend request, in other hand if found unlucky your friends list is not showing then its locked now you have ask him to let him know about your looking this friends then send his profile link to you or unlock his friend list for you.


Looking for long lost friend above method undoubtedly Get to contact with friends and if somehow With this post and still having problem to find Friend then comment below and let me  know.

 i’ll make sure to add more new methods which probably help great. 
But still knows any other method or found any errors then feel free.

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