How To Get Google AdSense Approval [That Earn $1759/Month]

How To Get Google AdSense Approval [That Earn $1759/Month]
its probably good stances that willing a formula to get Google AdSense approval  for good revenue with trust worthy monetisation for website. if somehow its possible get google adsense approval in 1 minute trust me that is not going to happen.

 Getting Approval we require to fulfill Google AdSense eligibility criteria there are some short of important  thing that needs to be checked in our way of Google AdSense approval, right here in this blog post.
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Now, go to your website / blog look whether or not have added if yes added then move forward to next thing which is our in check list or eligiblity criteria.

 On the other hand, after checked all thing we move forward for how to create Google AdSense account if already made it then you can skip this step move next one that is filling application form for Google AdSense approval .

Google AdSense Approval Eligibility Criteria

1.  Responsive Theme / Template

Website / blog must be responsive whether for Desktop and mobile. here, responsive mean flexible for any kind of device platform like tablet, mobile and desktop.

2. Properly linked to home page

All pages must be linked to main page that is home page and its should be categorised likewise Seo post in Seo category and blogger related posts in blogger category for better understanding to visit in one lookup.

3.  Must have Important pages

All Pages which is complusary and important for any website to get Google AdSense approval. these pages are Term and conditions, disclaimer, privacy and contact us.

if don’t know about how to create these then Just search in Google ‘create term and condition’ or ‘create disclaimer’ simply fill form and copy in new page then save it and linked to home page. for contact us page which can be create by plugin or Google drive form.

4. Minimum Number of posts

 To be ensure that we get approval in less time then we have atleast 10 to 20 posts with platy of words and well structured with minimal grammatical or spelling errors on it, while after applying to it for approval then don’t try to stop posting new article keep sitting and thinking that we’ll post after approval will going take more time in this way.

if keep post new article with proper heading, sub-heading, structure, clean and organized manner with images or videos somehow will potentially increase chances of ranking in Google first page even if try new something other than ordinary you see in web .

5.  Original content

In the beginning of blogging every Seo guru from there words must heard that content should be original and new it should not be copy-paste from other blogs .

it has not to be use content re-writer tool because why it’s said here you need understand from these paragraph which is original :

 To get Google AdSense approval content needs to be unique that creates value.

here is re-writed above paragraph.

 “To get Google AdSense endorsement substance should be unadulterated and devout” 

its clearly can be seen that from above paragraph changed the right meaning and its should more or less keep in mind that this paragraph is going read by a natural person other than bots.

6. create about us page

About us page it should be necessary and separate charm of owner sometimes its look like without a about us page that website operated by bot and not a living human being so for a Human touch makes life giving to website .

if you’re concusies about your privacy as me than there is nothing wrong about it, now here is solution for you where most of blogger use  instead of about Me can write about the website.

why this website exist, what is Motive, what you gonna found here and any other website which can be linked in about us page .

7.  Minimum number of word’s in post.

A article from starting to end, from heading to conclusions must be as simple as where even a kid can understand it .

 With this view will  instantaneously grab massive amount of traffic to blog Why ? because its human friendly.

At the point of seo world has to Optimum at least five hundred words for very small competitive keywords if you’re just in field blogging then subscribe by email  and stay tune to grab all the secrets of blogging world.

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8.  How much traffic requires ?

A website traffic is curisial important for earning good amount of revenue whether you are at very beginning or Amature in this field .

A good amount traffic will definitely opens various numbers of ways to  earn from them and its not likely depend on single way of monitization but for Google AdSense approval we require zero traffic that mean we can moniteze from beginning our website.

9. Right age for AdSense

A right age ensure that your a adult, not a teenger. lots of people get in problem by mistake putting a date of birth wrong even faces several rejection from the AdSense approval.

it is considered as important factor for Google AdSense approval, from my experience it not too hard get approval just follow all check list then ta-da happens mean got approval.

Common Mistake for Rejection

From visiter i got lots of email in every single email found same kinds of common mistakes made by them that are not more than two types .

the first one is filling form of AdSense likewise while filling form putting wrong domain where instead of in this case AdSense account will not contect to website and show this error you need to fix something for AdSense approval.

in the second case where website having serious issues web development or undeveloped and more or less professional theme as mentioned in above check list in number one adsense criteria for approval.

what Next Now ?

Taking all precaution for good and handy website to filling AdSense form will ensure our AdSense approval get it on reasonable time afterwards may see this as below.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval

 This mean you’re application is under review where will checked whether website or blog meet their eligible criteria or not.

check out : –

1. We are working to setting up site

2. Hosted Vs Non-hosted : Difference

if everything goes well likely receive  a email from Google may be within days or weak congratulations your AdSense account has been approved for monetisation but don’t forget one thing is keep posting new article at good variable time.

if you want to how i got approval for my blog within 1 weak must check out below YouTube video where posted full story .

 What after Google AdSense approval ?

this is the right question which certainly pops under head of every one then here is the thing you need to do after approval .

generally when got information about Google AdSense approval via email from Google.

Step 1. we go to AdSense account under the menu of my ads .

Step 2. by default its get to you on the auto ads where create a new ad unit by clicking on it you see below image.

Step 3. click on top right corner new ad unit and where ensure that each and every ad should be ticked and automatically get new ad format too that is default is all ready tick. aqua

Step 4. click on save button that result bring to  this screen where you need copy this code and paste to the head.php and in blogger to go edit html then paste below of the header where codes end.

this single auto ad unit will automatically place ads in whole website but you can place ads manually to website and that don’t make trouble with auto ads because of Google AdSense powerful AI .

to place seprate ads may be to siderbar or in middle of article is used for ad units tab in AdSense menu simple create and copy to the html code of particular post where you want to show.


With handy info a proper read and if gone through the all check points or eligible criteria of how to get google adsense approval will definitely bring a good news .

if somehow troubling with any kind of AdSense you can feel free to contact me through contact us page and don’t forget enter in subject as same title of the post then one or two screen shot as requirements.

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