How to Merge/Combine Multiple .vcf/.csv Contact Files Into One Single .vcf/.csv File Manually Using Command Prompt

How to Merge/Combine Multiple .vcf/.csv Contact Files Into One Single .vcf/.csv File Manually Using Command Prompt
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Telephone directory or Contacts are most important thing for everyone in this world and no one would like to loose information like phone numbers, addresses etc of loved ones, so for safety, we usually keep a backup of our all contacts, if we loose or damage our gizmo we can import contacts using that backup. Generally if we want to import or transfer contacts from one gizmo to another or to create a backup of contacts, we use ” VCARD ” feature. In this feature, each contact is saved in a separate vCards(.vcf file) format. If you have too contact files (.vcf files) and you want to transfer them into some gizmo or any online account it becomes a hectic task. At this moment, converting or combining them into one single contact (.vcf) file is useful and handy, so instead of carrying thousands of contact files its better to carry one single file wherever you need. Merging of contact files can done easily and manually and within few minutes using COMMAND prompt.
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Follow these steps to merge multiple Vcard files into single Vcard file :-

Step 1 :- Copy all your thousands of contact (.vcf) files into any one particular folder or directory.

Step 2 :- After copying all contact into single folder, now , press shortcut key ” Windows + R ” or go to option and open windows command prompt.

Step 3 :- Type ” CMD ” in windows command prompt, as you enter these, command prompt will open.
Step 4 :- As command prompt opens, now navigate to the folder/directory where you have stored all your contact files.

Ex :- Type the drive name and then folder

 D:   [Press Enter]

Cd allcontacts   [Press Enter]

Step 5 :- After navigating to that folder/directory, enter following DOS command:

copy *.vcf all.vcf  ” – For copying .vcf files.
copy *.csv all.csv ” – For copying .csv files.

Step 6 :- Wait for a moment as all your contacts get merged, it will take few seconds.
Step 7 :- Now go to that folder/directory where you had copied all your contacts. You’ll find one merged “all.vcf ” file of few KB’s, just import that single .vcf file wherever you need like on google account, smart phone.

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Convert .VCF to .CSV

For converting a single or merged .vcf file to .csv file, follow this easy steps:

  1. Open any web browser and go to link ” “.
  2. Click on ” VCF-Convert “.
  3. Click on ” Browse ” button. ( A file navigation box will open, navigate to and click on .vcf file which you wanted to convert to .csv file and click on ” Open” button)
  4. Click on ” Format ” drop-down box and select ” CSV” file format as output.
  5. Click on ” Convert ” button.

Your .vcf file gets converted into .csv file, you can edit or view in MS Excel or use ” CSVed ” software which is free to download ( Link to download – ).

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