How to Prevent your Mobile Phone from Freezing and Hanging

How to Prevent your Mobile Phone from Freezing and Hanging

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Freezing/Hanging of mobile phone is the worst thing that no-one desires to come

Prevent Mobile from Hanging and Freezing

across. Almost every smartphone, whether its Nokia, Samsung, Micromax or any other, after prolong use one or the other time phone begins to freeze/hang too often. Sometimes even a few weeks old phone would hang up unexpectedly. Mobile phone is a small version of any general computer and laptop, it can contain RAM, External memory, different OS like Android, Symbian, Windows and so, Different processors, Graphics, Camera and lot more. If they can freeze/hang up why can’t mobile phone. If you don’t take good care of your mobile phone, it might create troubles for you because you can live without your favorite food but you can’t live without your mobile phone even for single day.

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Reasons which might cause mobile phone to freeze/hang –

  1. Running several applications/tasks at one time.
  2. Installing applications in phone memory instead of external memory (Memory card)
  3. Keeping internal memory (RAM) full.
  4. Keeping external memory full.
  5. Using heavy themes on standby mode.
  6. Not deleting cookies, caches, log files.
  7. Installing too many apps.
  8. Running heavy applications on low memory.

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    Different ways through which you can prevent your mobile phone from hanging/freezing :-

    1. Always install/place applications and other data in external memory (memory card) if internal memory is too low, so that whenever any app runs it will get space to store temporary data in internal memory and because of this you can run multiple apps at the same time without any hassles.
    2. Uninstall unnecessary apps when not in use for long time as it will eat up memory unnecessarily. You can install them again via setup files whenever you feel like through file manager or store them in computer or laptop and transfer them back when required.
    3. Keep solely those themes which you are using currently and move/place rest of them in your computer. Doing this will not only free up memory but will also speed up your mobile.
    4. Never run apps that doesn’t seem to be supported by your phone like variation in screen resolutions, running apps which are compatible with higher Os.
    5. Free up memory by deleting/moving songs, eBooks, videos, apps, wallpapers, images, old msgs, contacts and files which are not in use since long to computer. Import them back whenever required.
    6. Never run heavy apps if mobile phone does not host enough RAM (Internal memory).
    7. Shut down processes which are in the background when running heavy app. Mobile phone operating systems like android have inbuilt task manger through which you can close processes which are running in the background. You can download task manager like “Advanced task killer” or “Easy task killer” from application market.
    8. Install smart antivirus software package on your mobile because if your device is infected with virus, it automatically slows down, virus can also cause fatal damage to the software. Delete unnecessary cookies, cache files.
    9. If you’re using a low budget mobile phone, make sure you do not run multiple apps at the same time.
    10. While surfing internet do not run multiple tabs or perform multiple tasks because it slows down processor and consumes lot of RAM.
    11. Free up internal as well as external memory as much as you can by deleting/moving unnecessary files.
    12. Always keep your mobile phone software up-to-date

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      Get rid of hang instantly :-

      • If your phone hangs, to get rid of it instantly, simply remove the battery and after few min reinsert it and start your phone.

      In Sony Xperia  S, P, GO, U, SL, Z Series

      • Press the Camera, Volume Up button and Power button simultaneously for 5-10 seconds , phone will restart.

      In Nokia Lumia series

      • Press the volume up or down and power button simultaneously for 5-10 seconds

      In Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5

      1. Download & install “Dummy file generator” from Google play store.
      2. Open the app and go to internal memory tab.
      3. Select “Generate FULL” and generate dummy files till storage is full.
      4. YES, your phone will hang and freeze couple of times (Just remove & reinsert the battery again).
      5. Keep on generating dummy files till memory if full.
      6. Now, select “Delete“, this will delete all dummy files, that’s it. Hanging and freezing problem should not occur now.

      If nothing helps, feasibly the problem must be a hardware problem and not a software problem. It is recommended to show your mobile phone to an authorized service center.

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