Raksha Bandhan WhatsApp Viral Script for blogger [PRO Script]

Raksha Bandhan WhatsApp Viral Script for blogger [PRO Script]
Rakhsa Bandhan Whatsapp viral script

Raksha Bandhan wishing script for blogger :- This rakhsa Bandhan Get ready to FREE Download and earn money big amount just wishing to peoples as much as possible for any event blogger even for you and Raksha bandhan WhatsApp viral script for blogger.

May me this time Everyone going celebrate two festival on same day one is independent which is national festival of country that day is pretty important for us and second is raksha Bandhan where a sister tie up a rakhi took promise to protect her.

Its depends upon you which script want to setup upcoming 15 august but here i provide both of them with a video where details instruction step by step must check it out.

Warning :- This whatsapp viral script is prepared by me and own all right regarding Any kind of commerce use like selling this script and making YouTube video but feel free to use own blog.

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Raksha Bandhan Wishing Script  FEATURES

1. Its 100 % Free and Pro Script

2. Whatsapp and Facebook sharer is available 

3. Earn maximum revenue without any investment.

4.  Fully responsive but best view in mobile only.

5. No redirection / locked or blocking script.

6. No Backlink or any link to this blog.

7. Structured Coded with html and pro level scripting.

8.  Super easy to monitor visitors by adding Google analytics code.

9.  Do what make comfortable according to your need whether changing images or changing structure from up side down.

Benefits of raksha Bandhan script

1. Up to $ 1470 from this substance can be useful and this is just number everything depends on you.

2. Attractive Script for lots of Traffic 

3.  Facebook Sharer is enabled get lots of Likes and visitors too.

It has compressible pictures that need to stack destinations faster than any relationship with another site it is normally used to obtain money bye with no doing determined work so it is momentary site you can use for a limited period time to gain money yet however that ready to trade out hand significantly more cash.

 Setup Requirements

1.  Any Device or personal computer (PC).

2. Notepad++ for Mac / windows and for Android html editor app which is absolutely free 

3. Gmail address to create our blog and its Mandatory to have for different purposes in this digital world.

4.  Google AdSense account, their was a time where a non-hosted account is not required to take sperate approvals for each every website but now not any more.

Google AdSense alternative

its important to took consider adsense alternative as our plan B if somehow not approved or not have Google adsense non-hosted account then can executed .

Wait a minute what is Non-hosted Google AdSense account ? 

wanna know what is non-hosted adsense account and what are difference then click here.

Currently there bunch of ads network available which can substitute AdSense but non of them found useful or that qualifies our needs still Amazon affiliate marketing is considerable thing or any link shortner .

How to Download 

Step 1. Click on “Download” Button.

Step 2. After which takes you to  New page where all festival script available

Step 3. Again select Script from all of them then click on Download.

           Raksha Bandhan script

      Independent (15 August) Script

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