The Other Side Of The Egyptian Revolution

Piled High: Rubbish Dominates The Streets In Manshiyat Naser, Or Garbage City

Who’d Be A Dustman In Cairo? Revolting Pictures Of Piled-Up Rubbish Give Egyptian Capital Label Of Garbage City — Daily Mail

With mountains of rubbish towering over children and endless bin bags bulging from high-rise flats, these are the shocking images that show Cairo’s ‘Garbage City’ – where thousands of Egyptians live amongst piles of stinking rubbish.

Manshiyat naser, or Garbage city, as it is known by locals, is a slum on the outskirts of Cairo, just a short drive away from luxury five star resorts.

But these shocking photos show a whole community which has been living in the slums for hundreds of years surrounded by rats and rotting rubbish.

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My Comment: I guess the revolution has not benefited everyone.

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