Turn Android Phone Camera into Webcam for Laptop via IP Webcam

Turn Android Phone Camera into Webcam for Laptop via IP Webcam

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Computers usually are not built with inbuilt cameras and cameras, webcams that are shipped in conjunction with each general laptop/Notebook are of poor quality that abates your interest in using them for live video chat. If you have got a android phone which has 3MP or higher camera, its best to use your android phone as webcam rather than shopping for pricey webcam from market separately.
Follow beneath mentioned steps to transform/use your fancy android phone camera as a webcam.

IP Webcam app

Minimum requirement that your android phone should have:-

  • 1.6 Os or higher, Wi-Fi.

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    Setup :-

    1. Turn ON Wi-Fi connection on your android phone and laptop (Both ought to get on same Wi-Fi connection).
    2. Download & install IP Webcam app on android phone from their website or Google play store and IP Camera Adapter on your Wi-Fi enabled windows laptop that are obtainable for free of charge.
    3. Open IP Webcam app on your android phone for initial setup and alter the camera resolution (Do not set a resolution superior than that supported by your smartphone), FPS rate (The higher the more superior quality), image quality, TCP port

      (8080 should be adequate). For higher privacy and security it is suggested to set up a user ID and strong,unique password. After adjusting settings click at “Start Server“. You’ll notice a IP address on your screen, something like that “192.168.*.*:8080“.

    4. On your laptop, open any web browser like Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox or IE or whichever you have got. Enter that IP address in address bar and as you press ENTER key, If Java Plugin is enabled on laptop, you’ll be able to see the video instantaneously. You’ll use any media player like VLC if Java plugin isn’t put in your laptop, to use VLC media player you’ll need to pick out ” Open Steam in Media Player ” option once you enter that IP address in address bar. You may receive a downloaded file, open up that downloaded file with VLC or any Media player. Now you view video on laptop screen.
    5. You’ll use IP Camera Adapter view and share camera across multiple apps (Settings of IP Camera Adapter ought be same as IP webcam). Hurrah! Your android phone is ready to be used as webcam on various applications like Skype.

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     Note :- Using your android phone as webcam will consume lot of power than normal, therefore to enjoy without any interruption, please connect your smartphone to power supply while using it as webcam.

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