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This post showcases two videos of Alpha Blondy’s early 1990s Reggae song “Sweet Fanta Diallo”. Information about Alpha Blondy, the English language lyrics to that song, and information about the song “Sweet Fanta Diallo” are also included in this post.

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“Born Seydou Kone in Dimbokora, Ivory Coast, on January 1, 1953; member of the Dioula ethnic group; children: seven.
Education: Attended Hunter College and Columbia University, New York; studied to be an English teacher.
Religion: Raised Islamic; became Rastafarian.

…Taking the name Alpha Blondy (the name carries the connotation of “First Bandit” and may have resulted from a family member’s mispronunciation of the word “bandit”), he performed on an Ivory Coast talent-search TV program, First Chance. Spotted by a producer, he recorded an album, Jah Glory, that went on to become an African million-seller…

Though firmly rooted musically in the reggae tradition, Blondy added to it a distinctive element of African percussion and African-style backup vocals–his full band, Solar System, had 15 members–that allowed his music to succeed on his home turf.”…
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Here are three theories about the meaning of the song “Sweet Fanta Diallo”. There are probably other theories about this song than these three.
[These theories are given in no particular order, although I read the first theory that is given on more than one internet site.]

Theory #1 from
“The story is told that Alpha Blondy (born Seydou Kone in 1953, Cote d’Ivoire) composed the song “sweet Fanta Diallo” to thank the mysterious nurse who had attended faithfully to his mental health needs as a psychiatric patient in an Ivorian hospital.

Well after he was well again, he returned to the hospital to thank Fanta Diallo. No one knew of her or even remembered a nurse named Fanta Diallo as ever having worked there. He left and believing she might have been an angel set about composing the song to thank her anyway.”
Theory #2 from [given below as Video #2]
“Fanta has now passed away (few years now). she really existed. we were neighbour in an Abidjan suburban called Riviera. That is in Ivory Coast, the home town of Alpha Blondy. Legend describes Fanta as the true love of Alpha.. They are said to have had a son. I love her too.. This lady was a gracious, kind, and peaceful person. Fanta RIP”
-Malick Diovas; 2013
Theory #3 from
“For those who are yet to hear the song, it’s a haunting melody about the sad demise of a romantic relationship and the price to be paid for love gone sour. As melancholy as it may sound, it is a beautiful song.

In the song, the author describes Fanta in glowing terms and we get a picture of a vibrant young woman who exudes confidence and youthful exuberance, and just like the author, we like what we see. Regrettably this phase is short lived. As the song progresses, Fanta meets dire straits and disappears out of sight.”

“FANTA : Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire name meaning “beautiful day.”
“Diallo (pronounced jallo) is the French transcription of a surname of Fula origin (English transcriptions are Jalloh and Jallow)”…

Click that link for famous people with that last name. “Diallo” is also sometimes used as a first name.

(Alpha Blondy)

Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
Ouh ! ouh ! Fanta Diallo

FANTA walking on the rainbow now !
FANTA shivering in moonlight waves
FANTA hogging on the mountain top
FANTA kissing me on the burning rock

Sweet ! Sweet Fanta Diallo
Ouh ! ouh ! Fanta Diallo

One day, one day Fanta flee away
With the sun
One day, one day, Fanta melt away
Under the sun
One day, Fanta flee away
With the sun
Over and over I guest [sic]*
She melt away under the sun
Again and again
I keep on wondering
Where she’s gone
The last time I saw her,
Psychiatric hospital
Now I know that I did you wrong
Yes I love you rainbow
And I love you rainbow ray
Please help me rainbow
You got to lead me rainbow

*The word “guest” is probably a typo for the word “guess”.

Example #1: Sweet Sweet Fanta Diallo-ALPHA BLONDY

jubaleeproductions•Published on Oct 20, 2012
“Old school” is a description of music (or dances, or some other cultural artifact) from the past. Although “old school” is often used as a compliment, it can also be an insult.

Example #2: Alpha Blondy – Sweet Fanta Diallo

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