We are Working on Setting You up Adsense [solution]

We are Working on Setting You up Adsense [solution]
it is more likely that AdSense is got stuck on we are working on setting you up, this notification and whats is the meaning and how to fix this if there is way.

We are working on setting  upto you adsense

it might be showing this may from a day and weaks or took more then longer month then there is  serious problem with  AdSense or website.

i believe before starting to problem we need to find out what actually problem is associated with and it feel very disgusting while for waiting for any response form Google and results is nothing.

 How to fix we are working on setting you up ?

its clear that if AdSense took more than a month and have not gotten any kind of response from AdSense.

i have question for you and here it is did you checked email inbox is there any response, forgot this and here i assume that  you have not gotten that is common in this situation.

Actually this problem is states that website with AdSense account is not connected or linked properly.

with this one more question arrive in my mind, did you paste verification code in header.php if not then this reason according to Google.

in the case of blogger, there is no need to paste because it was hosted on Google.

there is only two thing can be try out and its work most of cases as my knowledge,  
here its we need close first Google AdSense account and again apply for approval.

just wait for 1 week if got any kind of response would work made great help for us.

Another solution

try ask any expert in who already got approval and better known web development and seo things. 

that person possesses knowledge will help to find out whats wrong with your website or blogger blog.

i suppose would definitely short out our problem that is we are working on setting you up adsense .

why some reason you cannot find out any help then you can use forum website there bring great help of other, not just one but thousands of well known people.

there are some suggestion i would like to mention it which personally used by me .
Quora this website is super any kind of category where is about seo or web development is proved time to time beneficial.


i hope so this article will get some idea or bring some light to path of solution, by the way if there anything which i can help to fix then feel free to comment.

if any suggestions or to improve the article having idea than comment us and don’t forget to known me that is it really helpful to you.

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