What Are We Winning In Somalia?

We’re Winning In Somalia — Foreign Policy

With a little more donor support, international forces can help drive al-Shabab out of Mogadishu.

In the early hours of a June day, a black Toyota four-by-four tried to run a checkpoint manned by Somali government forces in the capital of Mogadishu. The soldiers opened fire on the vehicle, and a brief firefight ensued; when the dust settled, it soon became clear that the Somali troops had killed Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who was both a founder of the Somali extremist group al-Shabab and the leader of al Qaeda in Somalia.


My Comment: There is nothing to win over in Somalia. It is a completely dysfunctional society made up of warlords, Islamic extremists, foreign forces, and God knows what else. Kill one bad guy …. another one will just take his place.

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