You Need To Fix Something To Use AdSense [Approved]

You Need To Fix Something To Use AdSense  [Approved]
you need to fix something to use AdSense
when we see this error You Need To Fix Something To Use AdSense after successful development of website then though to monetize with AdSense as primary Option of monetisation, it has to be because legitimaicy and trust of millions user who used to campaign .

Afterwards we consider other Ads network along side AdSense likewise, Propeller Ads, Popads, Chitika etc as requirement of  a monitezater.

This error occurs when you applied for approval and can’t figure out what wrong with AdSense or website, why it is not getting approve it.

Most likely a person can tell who has experienced from it and gotten approval that right ! you landed in right place.

Until with my experience and other whom i helped most likely faced two kind of situation. 

Have a look all two situation in which falling into where most likely going found a solution here.

if why chance you have different one situation or message appearing on adsense acce then feel free to comment .

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1. Having Multipe Account Or Still Not eligible 

you need to fix something to use AdSense

when a person already have more than one  adsense account on device using Google account as the both email address belong to same person will likely result of this error or his Website / blog is not able fulfill google adsense policy’s as stated in point one.

If You have not have multiple AdSense problem then follow this below Video or textual content as your preference.

AdSense policy or eligibility criteria for approval

For video content = click here

For textual content  = click here

where clearly stated that below of the title you need to fix something to you adsense in image as you don’t have another AdSense account as we only allow one account per person, if you’re account. please close another account (in point 2 ).

if you like then you can watch this video below or follow the steps .

as clearly mentioned we need close one account and keep single AdSense account for all websites and YouTube .

this relies on you which one you want to close as your preference.

step 1. go to AdSense account which you want to close .

step 2. then look for code which start from “PUB” and with 12 or 16 digit number as shown “PUB-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” in the url .

step 3. copy this code to any notepad or editor.

Note :- Cancellation Form is No More So Scroll Down Check New Method just after this 

step 4. now go this link of cancellation of AdSense account and fill form where just we copyed code is now require.

step 5. after filling form the submit it and with in 1 minute receive mail regarding successfully closed account.

step 6. now we have closed adsense account which is not necessary then we go to login AdSense account which is showing error  you need to fix something to you adsense account

step 7 . tick on it i have fixed this issue or something like i have closed another account start with then again submit.

New Method 

The previous method was thing which can be Done but no is more then we need move forward.

We are just following steps without confirming that having multiple accounts or not, so lets first confirm it because afterwards we have only one last option left to get approval is delete our Gmail account and i think for  deleting Gmail account instructions is not necessary because everyone knows it

Step 1. Login With Other Gmail account in your Browser ( rather than applied for approval  ) and get back Google search homepages without log out.

Step 2. Search for Google Accounts or Click here  and Go to “Data and personalization” Section.

Step 3. Scroll Down until you see “Things you Create and Do” and Right hand side swipe button click and keep swipe until “see all” option then click 
on it.

You Need To Fix Something To Use AdSense

Step 4. Now you can see all Google services and other platforms are using with that account if you see Google AdSense then  you have multiple accounts or Not then only one account and  which means still your website is not eligible so here scroll up and click on adsense eligiblity video or textual content.

everything goes well will likely receive mail from Google within days of adsense approval and don’t forget to share with us.

2. Valuable inventory : No content / under construction

you need to fix something to use AdSense

if you see under title you need fix something to use AdSense  with bold dark point and forward Stated Valuable inventory : (colon) No content or / under construction which means you website is still needs some work.

in first case of no content where point wise mentioned to be follow and Create more content with good value then click i confirmed l’ll fixed the policy .

then have some patience until you receive mail of approval from Google.

in the second case, where under construction need to develop more website like linked all necessary pages to home page, menu section, categories etc and a elegant theme or template then submit to Google .


with covering both issues of you need fix something to use adsense more likely give results happiness of approval .

In certain scenario found any other issues don’t forget to comment and feel free and i would like hear your opinion.

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